Professional computer disassembly and redeployment in your new location.

Relax, and Let our Team Do the Work.

Need to relocate your business to another location or open a new office?  We know how hectic that can be in itself and the last thing you want to worry about is how long your computer systems will be down. 

Look to Project GT's Relocation Service to help make your computer system's transition to your new office a smooth one and get you up and running quickly.

First, our team will do a Site-Survey to inspect your new location and make recommendations as to network hardware and wall installations that will be needed.  Our team of professional contractors can even do the installation for you, if you prefer.

Then, when you are ready to move we are there to carefully disassemble and hand pack your computer equipment and ready it for transport.

We can then, if required, personally handle the transportation of  your computers and equipment to the new location to ensure it all arrives safely and undamaged.

Lastly, we re-assemble your servers, network components and computer systems to get everything back up and running so your business gets up back up and running as well.

For more information on our Relocation Service, please contact us.

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